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Family & Fellowship
The Family and Fellowship Ministry fosters the building and maintenance of an environment of love and trust from which members, adherents and visitors will experience a sense of belonging, acceptance, significance and support.
The Discipleship Ministry nurtures and facilitates the spiritual growth of all believers.
The Evangelism ministry encourages the development of bold Christians who recognize and act on their responsibility to be God’s messengers of the Good News to people around them wherever they may be.
Community Care
Community Care Ministry is the vehicle that responds to the changing needs of individuals and the community. It reflects our commitment to facilitate and help our sisters and brothers in need and to support them…
Planning & Information
The Planning and Information Ministry oversees the strategic planning process, while ensuring that the stewardship and communication systems are operating at optimal levels and that our use of technology is efficient and effective.
The Worship Ministry team harmonizes all aspects of regular and special worship services, where believers offer their best and regularly experience liberating, fulfilling, and challenging experiences of connection between God and God’s people.
The Youth Ministry facilitates the development of spiritually mature young people who are disciplined in worship, nurtured through discipleship, growing in fellowship, engaged in ministry and active in evangelism.