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Dear Webster family!

Receive warm and blessed greetings!

This New Year has begun in true Jamaican style: “Eventful!”

Surely negative events such as the abuse of our children and women, murder and indiscipline, digging for “fools gold” or defrauding persons and institutions of their resources weigh heavily on us.

However, many good things happen in Jamaica every day. People help others in need. Words of encouragement are offered. Relationships are restored.

It is often the temptation to become overtaken by the sensational and the negative that we become fooled into believing that this constitutes the full story.

No my friends. All around us are expressions of God’s hands and God’s people at work. Let us be those who will highlight and embody the work of God in the face of the daunting negatives.  

One way to do this is to pray for others:

  1. Miss Vilma Spence who is recovering at home from brain surgery.
  2. Mrs. Sonia Webley and family as they give care to her husband Steadman who is recovering from surgery.
  3. Mrs. Julia Allen and Mrs. Annette Allen-Santos whose husband and father, Dudley, has died. Julia, who served as our Pastoral Assistant, received able solidarity from Dudley, a stalwart of our Church.
  4. Miss Adassa Foster whose daughter has died

As we continue to walk this road of faith, let us work at building the Church of Jesus Christ.

Have you identified the five (5) persons whom you will invite consistently to Church this year?

Have you fill out the form and submitted it to our office?

Have you signed up to serve in an area of ministry? Have you participated in your district meetings? Are you participating in Prayer Meetings and the Bible Reading Plan?

I encourage each of us to be part of the good news that is happening in our land. And even if our good deeds are not recorded or recognized by men, rest assured that they are noted in God’s book in Heaven.

Let us labour faithfully for the Heavenly reward, which the LORD himself will give to us on that day!