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The Worship Ministry team harmonizes all aspects of regular and special worship services, where believers offer their best and regularly experience liberating, fulfilling, and challenging experiences of connection between God and God’s people.

During the year this ministry will focus on Intergenerational Worship – ensuring that time and space are created to facilitate the connection of all age groups with God and with each other.


Worship Planning & Leading

Plans and executes worship services to facilitate consistent life-giving worship, where believers offer their best and connect with God and each other.

Children's Worship

Positively influences the quality of worship among children while providing a sense of belonging and providing an outlet for children’s expressions of their relationship with God.


Facilitates the use of musical gifts and talents in worship and ministry among all age groups

Dance, Speech & Drama

Facilitates the use of dance speech and drama as ministry tools in worship


Ensures a warm, comfortable, safe and welcoming space for visitors and members alike.

Audio Visuals

Employs the use of high quality audio visuals, manned by a team of trained technicians to enhance the worship services

Leadership & Administration

The Leadership and Administration Ministry (L&A) facilitates the spiritual growth and development of the congregation while overseeing the work of all ministries and supporting the smooth administration of the church.

During the year this ministry will focus on Stewardship – mobilizing the entire family to partner fully with our Lord in all aspects of Kingdom building.



Has primary responsibility for spiritual growth and development while facilitating the holistic health and well-being of congregants, adherents and the wider communities.

Finance & Administration

Plans, organizes and optimizes the financial and other resources.


Sees to the efficient maintenance of all properties.

Planning & Training

Responsible for strategic planning and ensuring the effective, on-going equipping of the body.


Manages the congregation’s data base and facilitates the full engagement of the body in giving and in service.


Ensures timely, complete and effective communication internally


Facilitates discussions, action and the broadcasting of a Christian perspective on issues of National and Global importance


The Discipleship Ministry equips and supports followers of Christ in growing deeper (in having the nature and character of Christ manifested in daily living) through the continued development of: (1) Spiritual Disciplines, (2) Sharing Christ and (3) Stewardship.

During the year the Discipleship Ministry will focus on The Spiritual Growth Initiative launched on Discipleship day 2012. This will be the platform from which individuals will measure personal renewal and transformation. We envisage that all districts, auxiliaries and small groups will be engaged in this process.


Prayer Power

Maximises the power of individual, family, small group and congregational prayer through intercession for spiritual growth and awakening. Initiatives include regular Bible Study and Prayer Meetings on Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m.


Engages and challenges members to be consistent and intentional in their quest for consistent spiritual growth. Equips congregants to accept accountability for their personal spiritual growth given their covenant relationship with God and the Church.

Faith Builders

Integrates new disciples/members into the Faith, Church Family and Fellowship through long-term supportive relationships which intentionally move them towards Christ-like spiritual maturity.

Visitor Contact

Contacts first and returning visitors, encourages repeat visits aimed at regular attendance, salvation (where applicable), and active membership.

Membership Guidance and Integration

Facilitates the embeping of the core values of God’s word into all prospective members.

Cradle Roll

Maintains meaningful contact by providing nurturing support and parental guidance to the parents of babies blessed at Webster.

Church School

Teaches and establishes our children in the knowledge of the Word of God, towards a lifelong service commitment to Christ and His Church.

Young Church

Shares and celebrates Christ with our teens, in appropriate ways, in order that they might commit their lives to Him and His Church, grow in discipleship and partnership with others to transform the community, nation and the world.


The Evangelism ministry encourages the development of bold Christians who recognize and act on their responsibility to be God’s messengers of the Good News to people around them wherever they may be.

During the year Evangelizing children, youth and men will be the main areas of focus during 2013. This will mean creating specific programmes and approaches that will speak to the specific needs and realities of these groups. Special emphasis will be placed on the spouses, children and other family members of our members



Exposes new and existing members to the principles and practices of evangelism through workshops, the worship services and other media.


Provides opportunities for the unsaved outside the walls of Webster to give their lives to Christ. Initiatives include Prayer and Praise in the Park (Emancipation) and community based evangelism.

Altar Calls

Facilitates the deliberate and intentional inclusion of altar calls and so provides opportunities for persons to commit or re-commit their lives to Christ.


Fosters the development of a praying culture within the Evangelism Ministry.

Community Care

Community Care is the vehicle that responds to the changing needs of individuals and the community. It reflects our commitment to facilitate and help our sisters and brothers in need and to support them to assist themselves.

During the year the Community Care Ministry will focus on both the in-reach and out-reach arms of the Welfare Ministry. This will provide opportunities for meeting people at the point of their need, for worship, evangelism, discipleship, service, fellowship and for integrating our young.


The Webster Basic School

Delivers culturally relevant Christian Early Childhood Education


Impacts the spiritual and social lives of wards while offering opportunities for possible earnings and a smoother re-entry into the society


Values individuals and builds communities by providing food packages, clothing, financial and spiritual direction in order to improve quality of life and promote self-sufficiency for members (in-reach) and non-members (out-reach) resident in surrounding communities.

Personal Financial Support

Through financial guidance and counseling, assists members to cultivate financially sound road maps, thus ensuring their financial suaveness and proactive response to changing market conditions.

Rolph Grant
Senior Citizen's Home

Provides quality, residential Christian care to adults in their senior years.

Senior Life

Engages active seniors in a range of programmes aimed at enhancing their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Skills Yraining
(Early Childhood Education)

Partners with HEART/NTA to provide level two and three certificate training thus equipping graduates for employment in early childhood facilities.


Provides practical assistance in employment and job transition issues. Services include support for enhancing resume writing and interviewing skills.

Education Fund

Manages a scholarship fund that provides need-based education scholarship.


Provides practical support and guidance to bereaved persons – includes bereavement from sources other than death.

Home Work Programme

Facilitates the spiritual and social development of participants while providing homework assistance.

Family and Fellowship

The Family and Fellowship Ministry fosters the building and maintenance of an environment of love and trust from which members, adherents and visitors will experience a sense of belonging, acceptance, significance and support.

During the year the Family and Fellowship Ministry will focus on the building and maintaining of authentic relationships within the context of intergenerational fun.


Ministry Leadership

Builds and strengthens Family and Fellowship as an integrated Ministry of support, service and partnership of men, women, young people, couples and children in fellowship - the interconnected Family anchored and growing in God.

Women’s Fellowship

Makes a difference in our Church Community by seeking to unite, empower, educate and widen the fellowship among women in the Church and community and promoting warmer fellowship within God's family as we continue our Season of Renewal and Transformation.

Young Adults Action Movement

Is on a path to rebuild the Action Movement through increased involvement and visibility of Young Adults in the mission and ministry of the Church, while speaking to and sharing their joys, concerns, fears and hopes.


Provides opportunities for couples within the Webster context to strengthen their marriages based on Biblical principles.

Men of Purpose

Serves the congregation and surrounding communities by facilitating programmes that will build unity and, thereby advance the will of God.

Play Church

Provides care and Christian stimulation to infants and toplers during the worship services.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry facilitates the development of spiritually mature young people who are disciplined in worship, nurtured through discipleship, growing in fellowship, engaged in ministry and active in evangelism.

During the year the Youth Ministry will focus on intentionally integrating the young into all areas of congregational life.


Boy's Brigade

The Webster Company is part of the international Christian youth organization that caters to the needs of boys between the ages of 4 and 18. Activities include drill exercises, local and international camping. The Webster Company has a very active marching band.

Girl's Brigade

The Webster Company is part of an international Christian Youth Organization that caters to the needs of girls between the ages of 4 and 18. Activities include drill exercises, local and international camping.

Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship is part of a national United Church body and caters to the needs of young people between the ages of 13 and 25. Activities include national competitions in the areas of Bible Knowledge, sports and the use of the performing arts in Ministry.