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Soul Food Bible Studies continue this Wednesday at 5.45 p.m.

POINTS OF CHRISTIAN GROWTH & WITNESS Bible Reading Challenge: Join us in our second reading challenge on Major Beliefs. The Major Beliefs reading challenge will start on August 1 and is a 65 day plan that focuses on some of our core beliefs in Christianity. The Major Beliefs plan is a great way to learn what the Bible says about the Trinity, Satan & Sin, our Humanity, Salvation, the Church, Baptism, and much more. Focus for August 22-27: Holy Spirit Readings: Monday John 16 Tuesday Acts 2 Wednesday Romans 8 Thursday 1 Corinthians 12 Friday Galatians 5 FWO ENVELOPES Have you requested envelopes? Collect them in the foyer PRAYER REQUESTS: A box is provided for Prayer Requests. If you desire someone to pray with you, leave number with your request. Please share answered prayers. And my race on earth is won All I ask is that You say well done. Lord please let me hear you say well done Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! It is so, it is so Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! It is so, it is so (repeat) He has saved us – AMEN! He has redeemed us – AMEN! He will hear us – AMEN! When we call – AMEN! And when afflictions – AMEN! Come on the righteous – AMEN! He will deliver us out of them all! Well, He is Alpha – AMEN! And Omega – AMEN! He's the beginning – AMEN! And the end – AMEN! Through every trial – AMEN! And tribulation – AMEN! He always causes His people to win! Yes, yes, yes, yes Yes, yes, It is so, it is so (repeat) Yes and Amen. Yes and Amen Yes and Amen It is so, it is so (repeat). 6
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This Tuesdayat 7:50, Jean Shaw continues a conversation with Ms Joyce McKenzie, member at Webster for 57 years (Part 2). You can't afford to miss this 75th Anniversary feature. Catch it on TBC Radio 88.5 FM

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